Name:  Becca Tarbox

Location: Mt. Hood, Oregon

Instagram: @beccatarbox

Interests: Backcountry Adventures, Snowboarding, Dogs, and Dirty Martinis

Fears: Slowing Down, Rivers, My Gin Supply runny dry, Bitey Spiders

Favorite Trips: Glacier National Park, Hiking and Paddling around the Kenai Peninsula, and anywhere I see few enough people to go without pants for a few hours.

Bio: Born and raised in Maine, Becca grew up playing in the woods, the water and the mountains.  Fleeing the cold and the state bird, the mosquito, she moved to San Diego for 12 years and embraced Southern California life, the desert and the big mountains of the west until growing weary of the constant nice weather and moving up to Mt. Hood in Oregon.  It was there she discovered she could have it all: inconsistent weather, woods, deserts, water, big mountains AND mosquitoes.  She has been happily living in the midst of the Cascades in a little town with one stoplight for three years and spends all of her free time exploring the area's mountains, rivers, lakes and breweries.