Patch Instructions

(For Large Tears Only- See below for pinholes or small air leaks)

1. Clean and Dry the Patch and Impacted Area- We recommend MEK or an alcohol based solution. In the field alcohol swabs can be used.

2. Use a Urethan Based Glue- We include glue in our patch kits which are included with every packraft purchase. You can also use the urethan based Aquaseal which we sell on our store. We also recommend HH-66 as a very good glue for gluing D-Rings and repair work.

3. Cut the Patch-  Use a piece of repair material that matches the type of material where the affected region is. These are included in the patch kit included with each packraft. We also sell spare patch kits on our store if you have misplaced yours. Cut the patch 1 inch larger on all sides of the impacted area.

4. Ideal Setting- You will want to make sure that temperatures are above 50F (10C) or the glue will begin to coagulate and not cure properly. If you are in the backcountry use a camp stove or heat lamp to warm the materials and the glue stick prior to repair.

5. Placement- If you have access to the inside of the tube via the Tizip, an inside patch has a few advantages. First, it is protected from abrasion once applied and cured. Second the material is likely cleaner and will help in the curing process. If the tear is large, it may be best to apply an inside patch and an outside patch to help reinforce the impacted area. 

6. Apply Thin Layer of Glue to Patch and Packraft- Apply a thin layer of glue to both the patch and the affected area on the packraft. Wait 1 minute and apply a second coat to each. If you have glue remaining, apply a third coat of glue to each.

7. Apply the Patch- After applying the final coat of glue to the patch and packraft, apply the patch with firm pressure. If you have a rolling pin or something similar, apply pressure around the surface of the patch. 

8. Dry Time- We recommend waiting at a minimum of 2 hours to allow the patch to cure. It takes 24 hours to fully cure so if time allows it is best to apply a patch at camp and wait overnight before using the packraft. If you only have a few hours to make the repair, we suggest reinforcing the patch with tape to provide more structure to the affected area. Using tape to reinforce is only recommended in the backcountry to get you on your way. Never use tape for a permanent patch. 

Pinholes and small Air leaks

Our recommended repair for pinholes or small air leaks is to cover with Tear-Aid tape Type A. We sell this in our shop in 3" sections for people to add to their repair kits. 

1. Clean and Dry the Patch and Impacted Area- We recommend MEK or an alcohol based solution, however in the field use water and let dry thoroughly.

2. Remove Tear-Aid Tape Backing and Apply- Once applied, let dry for 5-10 minutes. These types of patches are great for curing small pinholes or abrasions in the backcountry. Once home you can assess whether you need to apply a full repair patch. 

Note: If you see air pushing a bubble through the hole and out the tape and this compromises the seal, the hole is too large and will need to be repaired with a patch.