Trip Name: Labyrinth Canyon

River: Green River

Put-In: Green River, UT (68 miles) or Ruby Ranch (45 miles)

Take-Out: Mineral Bottom

River Miles: 68 miles from Green River - 45 Miles from Ruby Ranch

Difficulty: Intermediate

Rapids: Class I

Season: April - September

CFS: 1,000 -  20,000

Permitted: No (Must have a River Permit found here)

Caution: During high water camps can be hard to find. From October to March ice can be present on the river. The canyon is deep and shady many hours of the day making hypothermia a danger if not adequately prepared. 

Trip Description: This is an easy flatwater run suitable for canoes, kayaks, and rafts of all types but the river runners must be prepared with backcountry skills as this is a wilderness trip. There are no designated campsites and during periods of high water, camps can be difficult to find, especially for large groups. During late summer and fall, sandbars are usually plentiful and make ideal camps.

Groups can plan on covering 15 to 20 miles per day during high water or 10 to 15 miles per day during low water, depending on the amount of time spent hiking and how much you paddle. A hike over bow-tie bend is a fun day hike and can take approximately 7 river miles off the trip. Plan for 2-3 hours to complete the hike which includes breakdown of gear and re-inflation of your packraft. This is a good opportunity to test your skills at efficiently breaking down your gear and packraft, enduring a fairly intense 1 mile hike where route finding is necessary.

An unimproved road provides access at Mineral Bottom that can be used as a take-out for this run or you can continue on downstream through Stillwater Canyon.

For information on appropriate overnight river trip protocol please see our backcountry information guide.

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External Links: American Whitewater, BLM Permit