Name: Jeff Bartlett

Location: Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Instagram: @photojbartlett

Interests: Whitewater paddling, Single-track riding, Backcountry skiing, and Celebrating with single malts.

Fears: Formal events requiring suits and ties, yearlong apartment leases, and bookkeeping.

Favorite Trips: Paddling Maligne Lake, Cycling the Great Divide, Hiking Patagonia

Bio: Jeff is an adventure photographer and writer with an indomitable curiosity about the world's mountain ranges and the people who call them home.

After studying journalism, Jeff decided traditional media and its daily grind didn't seem lifestyle friendly so he set out to map his own career path while chasing adventures around the globe. Bike packing, ski touring, and hiking became part of his daily routine, right alongside creating images and writing. Results weren't fast, but over time he built a career focused on unique adventures.

Today, his photography uses a unique combination of vibrant landscapes and the occasional placement of people within them to engage a true sense of place. Coupled with his active writing style, his simple aim is to inspire people to get outside and explore.