Name: Adam McKibben

Location: Bend, Oregon

Instagram: @adammckibben

Interests: Climbing, Mountain Biking, Rafting and Crossword Puzzles

Fears: Having to shave, Running out of chocolate covered raisins, and Bot flies

Favorite Trips: Paddling the Rogue River, Bouldering in Joe's Valley, Any time spent in the Cascades

Bio: Adam originally hails from the land of Ohio, meaning he personally decides who the president is every four years. His love for the outdoors didn’t come until later in life when some friends helped him discover rock climbing. This led to an unhealthy obsession, and after spending weekends down at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, Adam decided it was time to relocate somewhere with easier access to the outdoors, mountains, and climbing year-round. He moved to Bend in 2012 and has fully embraced the high desert life-style of work in the morning, play in the afternoon and good friends and drinks at night.

After becoming fascinated by the landscapes of the west, Adam began to dive into the world of outdoor photography. He aims to tell stories with his photos, enabling the viewer to put themselves into a place or experience a feeling, and ultimately encouraging them to break routine and discover for themselves what it is that makes them come alive.