Inflation Bag

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Inflation Bag_Black_Detail 1_Kokopelli_2019.png

Inflation Bag


Tested in the wilderness, trusted everywhere. The Inflation Bag weighs 4.5 ounces, can fit into your pocket, and is the ultimate ounce-counters’ choice of inflation.

NOTE: An Inflation Bag comes standard with all packrafts (excluding the Recon).

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Weight: 3 oz (0.1 kg)
Nozzle: Leafield D7 Nozzle


All Packrafts (excluding the Recon)


To begin, turn the valve to Open by depressing the stem of your Leafield D7 with your finger-tip and turning it counter-clockwise (the stem will be fully-depressed). The open position is used to deflate your packraft and also for the first 95% of inflation. 

The valve is left in the open position for the first 95% because the Inflation Bag or Feather Pump do not provide enough pressure to depress the stem and allow air in. Once the raft is nearly full, pinch the Inflation Bag near the valve to prevent air from escaping, quickly unscrew the bag, and then depress the stem and turn clockwise (fully extended).

NOTE: When the stem is in the Closed position, air can be added by using the Inflation Tube or by blowing directly into the valve. The Leafield D7 valve has two positions: Open and Closed. In the Open position (stem depressed), air can flow in and out. In the Closed position (stem extended), air can only flow in.